Friday, August 27, 2021

Quitting Twitter

I've got two Twitter accounts, one that I consider to be my main account and the other that's exclusively about gaming. It's my main account that I intend to delete. I've had it for over five years but I've noticed a decline with Twitter, both Twitter itself and my specific page, and I've only been keeping it for the sake of having a contact link for people viewing my website. But I think the time has come to delete it. I've already got a Facebook link on my website so it's not as though people won't be able to contact me outside of email.

My gaming Twitter page is linked to my PlayStation 4 so I'm able to share screenshots and short vids with no fuss. It's very convenient. I never talk about serious issues and I always try to keep the subject about gaming, but sometimes I may talk about computing in general too.

My main account covers a variety of subjects, books, art, anime and whatever is of interest at the time. I avoid political debate for I'm not the kind of person who argues online but even so it can become very tiring when people turn a discussion about books into a heated argument about something political.

When I first got Twitter, for many years I only had 7 followers but that suddenly grew into 1,500. Strangely though I feel I had more interaction with those 7 followers than I get now. I'm aware with many followers posts get lost in the timeline so the more followers someone has the less likely someone's post gets to be seen. Lately I feel a lot of my posts simply don't get likes like they used to, let alone retweets and replies. Trending hashtags are a different, if I respond to a trending subject I often do get retweets but when it comes to posts directly upon my own timeline I get nothing. It can be disheartening when posting about an exciting new anime I just watched only for none of my anime followers to even press like.

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