Wednesday, August 4, 2021

London Anime & Gaming Con

On Saturday 31st July I visited the London Anime & Gaming Con. It's been a long time since I attended such an event and it felt like catching a refreshing breath of how my life used to be. The one and a half years of not going anywhere has taken its toll.

The convention itself was one I had never visited before and was much smaller than the others but it was to be expected as it's a much smaller exhibition centre. I didn't wear a cosplay this time but instead wore a Tracer jacket, a Mei shirt, an Overwatch backpack and an Overwatch face mask.

I met voice actor Boris Heistand who plays Sigma from Overwatch as well as other voice actors. There were also cosplayers attending, some with amazing costumes, as well as lots of gamers including role playing card gamers.

I bought a lot of anime related items but my only gripe is that there wasn't any stalls selling DVDs. Other people complained too on the convention forums about stalls not selling video game related content. Some retro games would have been nice.

Prices for items on sale varied greatly from stall to stall, just as they do with many shows, with some selling action figures for around £10-£15 while others selling for £60+ for similar items. To my relief there was only one stall selling Tokyo Pop items which while I enjoy such items can often become tedious with multiple stalls selling them as is often the case at other conventions.

I'm not sure if I will attend future events of the London Anime & Gaming Con though as the regular conventions I attend, MCM Expo and London Film & Comic Con, will be up and running again.

An art print of Lara Croft
signed by the artist.

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