Friday, August 27, 2021

Quitting Twitter

I've got two Twitter accounts, one that I consider to be my main account and the other that's exclusively about gaming. It's my main account that I intend to delete. I've had it for over five years but I've noticed a decline with Twitter, both Twitter itself and my specific page, and I've only been keeping it for the sake of having a contact link for people viewing my website. But I think the time has come to delete it. I've already got a Facebook link on my website so it's not as though people won't be able to contact me outside of email.

My gaming Twitter page is linked to my PlayStation 4 so I'm able to share screenshots and short vids with no fuss. It's very convenient. I never talk about serious issues and I always try to keep the subject about gaming, but sometimes I may talk about computing in general too.

My main account covers a variety of subjects, books, art, anime and whatever is of interest at the time. I avoid political debate for I'm not the kind of person who argues online but even so it can become very tiring when people turn a discussion about books into a heated argument about something political.

When I first got Twitter, for many years I only had 7 followers but that suddenly grew into 1,500. Strangely though I feel I had more interaction with those 7 followers than I get now. I'm aware with many followers posts get lost in the timeline so the more followers someone has the less likely someone's post gets to be seen. Lately I feel a lot of my posts simply don't get likes like they used to, let alone retweets and replies. Trending hashtags are a different, if I respond to a trending subject I often do get retweets but when it comes to posts directly upon my own timeline I get nothing. It can be disheartening when posting about an exciting new anime I just watched only for none of my anime followers to even press like.

Monday, August 16, 2021

New Books

There's going to be some changes ahead with new books I'm working on. I'll be removing some of my less popular books from Amazon and placing them on my website for free while adding new content on Amazon. There's no limit to how many books an author can place on Amazon but I feel it may be a good idea to remove the old less popular titles before replacing them with new books keeping everything fresh so to speak.

I've noticed over the years that it tends to be short stories, 30 pages or less, that tend to be popular on the Kindle which I put down to readers not wishing to commit a lot of time to a book. If it can be read in one sitting then all the better.

I've been looking at advice online about how to get the most out of selling via Amazon KDP, some of it good, some of it not so good, and I've reached the conclusion that it's rare for someone to make a living from it unless they are already professional writers to begin with. I'm aware of the trick of writing what's known as low content books, such as books of quotations, internet memes and so forth, but that's not really my style. For me I personally want to create the content myself rather than just sell it.

Thursday, August 12, 2021


I signed up with Goodreads again in the hope I'd gain some benefit from it and promote my books at the same time but there's something odd about it that doesn't sit right with me, in fact there are many things, so I'll likely end up closing the account in the future.

The first time I used it was a number of years ago but back then my account was as a reader rather than an author so I spent most of my time writing reviews or in some cases copy/pasting reviews I had previously posted on Amazon. I tried to keep the reviews brief and to the point as I knew people were unlikely to spend time reading through reams of text. I also used my own name so reviewing my own books was out of the question. Then I began noticing certain things about other peoples' reviews. Such as an autobiography written in the 1980s being bombarded with 1 star ratings, being accused of plagiarism, due to the author having the same name as another Goodreads author. There was another instance where a horror story was given a 1 star review by someone who simply stated "I don't like horror" as their review. Unlike Amazon there is no need to purchase a book before leaving a review.

Recently after signing up again, this time as an author, I still got the same niggling feeling inside that this isn't the place for me. Someone on Twitter had already advised me that genuine reviews are often more honest on Goodreads if there is no author page as readers are more likely to leave an honest review if the author doesn't get to see it. Obviously an author can still read the reviews without even having an account so there is no real need for an author page.

I noticed that some of my books were listed on another author's page of the same name as well as a blank author page. I contacted Goodreads about this to get them transferred to my page but got no response.

I'll still stick with it for the time being, and leave reviews for books I've read, but I can't see myself using it in the long term.

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

London Anime & Gaming Con

On Saturday 31st July I visited the London Anime & Gaming Con. It's been a long time since I attended such an event and it felt like catching a refreshing breath of how my life used to be. The one and a half years of not going anywhere has taken its toll.

The convention itself was one I had never visited before and was much smaller than the others but it was to be expected as it's a much smaller exhibition centre. I didn't wear a cosplay this time but instead wore a Tracer jacket, a Mei shirt, an Overwatch backpack and an Overwatch face mask.

I met voice actor Boris Heistand who plays Sigma from Overwatch as well as other voice actors. There were also cosplayers attending, some with amazing costumes, as well as lots of gamers including role playing card gamers.

I bought a lot of anime related items but my only gripe is that there wasn't any stalls selling DVDs. Other people complained too on the convention forums about stalls not selling video game related content. Some retro games would have been nice.

Prices for items on sale varied greatly from stall to stall, just as they do with many shows, with some selling action figures for around £10-£15 while others selling for £60+ for similar items. To my relief there was only one stall selling Tokyo Pop items which while I enjoy such items can often become tedious with multiple stalls selling them as is often the case at other conventions.

I'm not sure if I will attend future events of the London Anime & Gaming Con though as the regular conventions I attend, MCM Expo and London Film & Comic Con, will be up and running again.

An art print of Lara Croft
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