Monday, June 28, 2021

Interactive Stories

Over the years I've made a number of interactive stories for my website. I love interactive stories, the various changing plot threads really make the story more alive than a passive book drawing the reader further into the story. This also makes the story far more entertaining when re-read as sometimes the plot can change drastically.

I keep the plot layout similar to the style of the old Choose Your Own Adventure books in that the story is divided into pages even if the reader is unaware of that fact. This means the reader can simply bookmark their place in their web browser and continue where they left off at another date, this also avoids the need for web cookies.

The problem with this approach however is the difficulty in converting the stories into an ebook format such as for the Amazon Kindle for example. While it's certainly possible the overall layout doesn't feel the same to me as it would otherwise look on a website. It's more than about the text on the screen, it's also about the background style and the overall feel of the website. Conventional stories don't rely too much upon such things however so simple text on the screen is adequate.

The point of this blog entry is simply to say that my interactive stories will always be available for free on my website even though they are far more difficult and time consuming to write.

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