Tuesday, April 20, 2021

What's The Point?

This may seem an odd post but I've just been feeling out of sorts lately and questioning things. I think when people get out of a routine they grow to question what their routine was and start to question what is the point of it all.

Last year in February I attended London Comic Con. It's similar to the London Film & Comic Con, in that it's the same venue, the same organisers and the same type of event, albeit smaller, but it's technically a different event. Due to certain things I won't mention that was making me feel down I intended to cheer myself up by attending lots of similar comic con style events throughout the year. I was intending to do to Hyper Japan which is basically a Japanese culture show, the usual London Film & Comic Con, and MCM Expo. In fact there were going to be two London MCM Expos that year. MCM Expo is great due to it being a mixture of Japanese culture and conventional movie, comic culture events combined. It's a good place to buy manga and anime for instance. The only thing I dislike about it is the vast crowds and crazy queuing system.

Anyway due to covid 19 and the various lockdowns the shows were cancelled. So I never got to go anywhere.

This year Hyper Japan is going to be an online event, as for MCM Expo I've no idea what's happening but the London Film & Comic Con is scheduled to take place in July. But I've suddenly found myself questioning whether I should go. I'd normally be excited, searching ebay and Amazon for cosplay outfits and wondering how much I'd be willing to spend on one, wondering if I should make one myself. The thought of spending money on a silly outfit and walking around a hall taking photos and meeting celebrities suddenly doesn't appeal to me in the same way it used to. I can buy anime, manga and Japanese sweets online so why should I go to all the trouble of attending an event?

The excitement appears to have dwindled due to waiting for so long for the events to open up again. Ironically I've missed shows before, for years at a time, due to money problems, so it's not just down to not having attended for so long. I may change my mind before the event but as of this moment I'm still unsure if I'll attend.

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