Thursday, February 18, 2021

Reading In Dreams

I had a strange dream today. A dream within a dream solved by reading.

I dreamed that I was sleeping with my cat Squeaky and I woke up to find my cat Bobo sitting upon a chair. Squeaky noticed her too yet Bobo died some years ago. I then thought that maybe she was my other cat Thomas and my tired brain imagined him to be Bobo, so I picked Bobo up and took her into the bathroom to find Thomas was in there too. It was then that I wondered if I was dreaming. (Thomas also died some years ago, before Bobo in fact, but I hadn't realised that inconstancy within the dream.) I then decided to hold Bobo in front of the mirror because hallucinations don't have reflections, but she was fully revealed in the mirror along with myself. I then remembered a YouTube vid that stated that reading in dreams will reveal that it's a dream especially if you read the same line twice due to the brain not being able to cope with the complexity of written words whilst sleeping. So I looked at a magazine resting upon my desk and read the article, it was about sources of catnip found in regions of China. I read the line perfectly so was sure I wasn't dreaming but as I attempted to read it again the article was gone and the page blank. In a flash I knew it was a dream and woke up.

I don't normally have those kinds of dreams. I wonder if I would have remembered it if I hadn't made myself wake up.


Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Repeatedly Misheard

A strange thing happened to me a few days ago. I was playing the game Mirror's Edge Catalyst on the PlayStation 4 and was intending to do some bag delivery missions when I noticed a voice glitch. I had never noticed it before despite performing bag deliveries so often in the game.

The voice line said this:
Scrip making opportunity available nearby.
I urge you not to take this delivery lightly. Destination uploaded. Payment awaiting conformation.

I noticed the robotic female voice appeared to mispronounce the word conformation saying something like authormation instead, as though the voice actress fluffed the word then quickly corrected herself. I even plugged in headphones to confirm my suspicion. I then uploaded the clip to Twitter.

The next day when listening to it back on Twitter it was clear she hadn't fluffed the word and pronounced conformation clearly. I don't know what happened there. It's an odd situation.

Saturday, February 6, 2021

First Blog

This is the first blog entry I've posted this year, which is remarkable really as it's already February. Time has been going so fast lately. In fact that's not the only reason for the delay. I've just been feeling mentally run down recently and things that would normally be a joy have weighed me down turning into a chore. I had a lot of problems this time last year and I feel I'm trying to solve everything with my hands tied so nothing has really changed.

The covid lockdown isn't something that directly effects me as I work at home anyway, but the longer it drags on the more I realise how I miss going to conventions, comic shows, and so forth, with the days blurring into one another with nothing to look forward to. Incidentally long before I even knew about such conventions I used to go to a computer show every six months which in some ways was similar albeit without the cosplay.

Last year I was looking forward to the Hyper Japan Festival which was to take place in April, along with the London Film & Comic Con, and MCM Expo later in the year. Obviously they were all postponed. Both the Hyper Japan Festival and the London Film & Comic Con are due to take place in July of this year but I very much doubt they will actually go ahead.

Part of me feels I should simply go to bed and wait it out, hibernate until normality returns.

Addendum (10 Feb 21): The Hyper Japan Festival has announced that their event this year is going to take place online.

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